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weight and dimensions

  stroller folded stroller
weight (kg) 10,5 10,5
lenght (cm) 75 (from front wheels to back wheels) 71
height (cm) 105 31
width (cm)  58 (back wheels) 48


backrest length (cm) 47
seating length (cm) 23
footrest length (cm) 21
seating width (cm) 33


A Flex stroller secure safety for child – it contains waterproof fabric with UV50 + filter, mosquito net, raincoat and extended hood.


Backrest adjustment and feet cover / sleeping bag. Double-sided insole/insert for the stroller seat.


Comfortable ridding – all wheel bearings, shock absorbing and maintenance-free.


Handle height adjustable in a wide range. Footrest adjustable in two positions. Detachable stroller handle in a way that opens the seat – on both sides.


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Muuvo strollers are designed with the attention to the smallest details. Innovative design and quality of materials guarantee comfort of usage.

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